August 6-11, 2017

Regina, SK.


About The Games

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Mission, Vision, and Mandate


To host an event that celebrates sports, culture and competition, while unifying First Nations youth in Saskatchewan.


Empowering excellence in First Nations youth through sports and culture.


The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) Sports and Recreation Host Society Standards have mandated the Host Society of the 2017 Saskatchewan First Nations Summer Games, which takes place in Regina from August 6-11, 2017, to:
• Host athletes and teams from 74 Saskatchewan First Nations communities in Tribal Councils
• Provide the opportunity to compete in nine sports;
• Deliver Saskatchewan First Nations cultural celebration culture and showcasing showcase language, traditions, art, song, dance, and the spirit of the Games movement; and
• Ensure a legacy of enhanced sport development, culture, volunteerism and youth development is generated by the Games.

The History of The Games

The Saskatchewan First Nations Summer Games were initiated in 1974, through consultations with First Nation leaders in Saskatchewan. They determined that the majority of First Nations youth under the age of 20 were excluded by non- Indigenous sports teams and leagues. There were many factors that contributed to the low participation levels, such as:
1. Facilities and infrastructures were only available through surrounding towns and villages;
2. Majority of on-reserve education was provided from K-6 only, thus providing no recreational facilities through education programs;
3. First Nations youth did not feel comfortable participating in non- Indigenous sports teams and leagues due to the fact they were a minority and there was very little First Nations presence in the teams and leagues;
4. Economics played a huge role in deterring First Nations youth from participating in non-Indigenous teams and leagues due to a number of factors, such as large families, transportation issues, low incomes, social conditions, and isolation.

In the winter months, hockey dominated the area of sport with many First Nations hosting weekend tournaments.

The athletes that participated in the First Nation events were remarkable athletes that excelled and dominated in non- Indigenous sports teams and leagues, but were reluctant to participate on a regular basis. Although the ‘circuit’ of events circled around adult involvement and participation, there was a need to address and promote youth involvement in sport, culture, and recreation.

Through a mandate by the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, the Saskatchewan First Nations Summer & Winter Games were developed using the Tribal Council format. The teams participating in the Saskatchewan First Nation Games were made up of First Nations youth within a Tribal/Grand Council or Agency.

About the Event

Approximately 5,000 athletes, coaches, chaperones and officials, coming from the four-corners of Saskatchewan - from Fond-du-Lac to Wollaston Lake, to White Bear to Nekaneet and every region in between. Athletes from ages 13-18 will meet in Regina from August 6-11, 2017, to compete in the following sporting events:
• Archery
• Athletics
• Beach Volleyball
• Canoeing
• Cross Country
• Golf
• Lacrosse (showcase)
• Soccer
• Softball

These exciting sporting events, and the First Nation village, will be at many of the same venues that were built or upgraded for the 2005 Canada Games. Proposed venues include: the Kinesiology Building (University of Regina Gymnasium); Douglas Park (Track & Field); Regina Soccer Fields; Rambler Park; Regina Public Golf & Country Clubs; and the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv).

Extensive preparation for the F.H.Q. 2017 Saskatchewan First Nations Summer Games has already begun with community and provincial organizations, individuals, and First Nations people showing support and enthusiasm towards implementing this high-profile provincial sporting event.

Host Organization

File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, and their 11 First Nations communities: Carry the Kettle Nakoda, Star Blanket, Okanese, Peepeekisis, Little Black Bear, Standing Buffalo Dakota, Wood Mountain Lakota, Nekaneet, Pasqua, Muscowpetung, and Piapot have successfully bid on the biennial Saskatchewan First Nations Summer Games.

The participating teams include 74 Saskatchewan First Nations communities from 10 Tribal Councils. The team sizes range from 50 to 200 people.

Female and male athletes participate in nine sports in various events and disciplines with up to three age categories available in each sport.

Become a Volunteer

Events like this depend on the big hearts of it's volunteers, and we would certainly welcome yours! Give us a shout and join the team!


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